An exciting update about the October Show


October 3 - Neon Trees returns home to headline free show 

-- Rooftop Concert Series celebrates 5th

PROVO, Utah – Rooftop Concert Series is celebrating their 5th

Friday, October 3, 2014 at 7:00 pm. For this special show, the Rooftop Concert Series 

and Google Fiber have joined forces to bring Provo’s most successful band, Neon Trees 

in for the free event. So for anyone who missed out on the x96 Bash due to unfortunate 

weather, here’s another chance to catch them in Utah. Popular local acts Fictionist 

and The Blue Aces have been announced in the lineup for the show but the addition 

of Neon Trees will come as a surprise to many. To accommodate the larger crowd, the 

concert has been relocated to Center Street, where the stage will be placed on the Nu 

Skin Plaza, with Nu Skin’s Innovation Center serving as backdrop. Nu Skin agreed to join 

Rooftop Concerts and GoogleFiber as a co-sponsor for this concert. 

"Google Fiber is excited to bring Neon Trees home to Provo for the 5-year anniversary 

of the Rooftop Concert Series. We've had a lot of fun working with the Rooftop Concert 

Series this year, and are looking forward to celebrating with them on October 3rd.”

From Neon Trees frontman, Tyler Glenn, “I think the fact that Google chose Provo to 

be a ‘fiberhood’ early on is a testament to the special and unique town it is, and to be 

the big, secret participant of the night is really, really cool. Provo is literally Neon Trees’ 

home—we were born here, played all our first shows here, and really got our footing 

performing early on here. To come back and play a big, free event for the City to enjoy is 

a big highlight of our year.”

“Where can you go and see amazing local talent, in a unique venue, without an 

admission charge?” asks Mayor John Curtis. “The Rooftop Concert Series has become a 

major destination. The concert draws thousands of people to downtown and infuses life 

into our art community, local music scene, and increases our overall quality of life.”

Taking advantage of the crowd expected downtown on Friday, Downtown Provo 

has organized a coinciding Shop & Meet event, creating an introduction point for the 

community to meet local restaurants and store fronts. During the event, the public is 

invited to enjoy food from local restaurants and food trucks, park their bikes at a Free 

Bicycle Valet (hosted by Canyon Bicycle and the Provo Bicycle Committee), and get to 

know more about the culture of Downtown Provo. 

Special Thanks to Google Fiber, NuSkin, Provo City, X96, Downtown Provo Inc, Coca 

Cola, Utah Valley University, Utah Valley Association of Realtors, Wicked Audio, Swop, 

Contour, and Dillard's for helping to make it happen!

Schedule of Events

Downtown Provo Shop & Meet

5:00 – 8:00 pm

Rooftop Concert Series 

7:00 pm

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