Some questions you might have about the Rooftop Concerts. And some answers.

Sego photographed by Justin Hackworth

I have a band. We’re really good. We want to play at the Rooftop Concert Series. Can we?
We’re flattered you want to be a part of our concert series but we don't take submissions. If you are a great UTAH band, getting attention, playing lots of shows and developing a following, and making good, original music, we’ll hear about you and will want to invite you to play.

Are the concerts on Saturday?
Nope. Friday. Always Friday. The first Friday of every month from May through September.

The Moth and the Flame

Are the concerts on Tuesday?
Refer to the previous question.

Where do the concerts take place?
Now, they take place at 100 West and Center Street in Provo, right in front of the NuSkin building. But for 5 years we were on a roof. And that's where we got the name.

I went to your concert and lost a valuable item. Did you find it?
Lost and found items will be taken to the Provo Rec Center after each show. For more information about lost and found items, call 801.852.7636.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. What do you have to say about that?
You're in luck, healthy person. We have free valet bicycle parking available, courtesy of the Provo Bicycle Collective. Ride your bike to the concert and take advantage of the most convenient parking available! Donations accepted to support the Collective.

How much do the concerts cost?
That’s what’s so great about this. They are FREE!

If free, who pays for the concerts?
Corporate sponsorships cover a majority of the costs. Thanks so much to our sponsors! We honestly couldn't do this without them. 

What time do the concerts start?
The first band starts at 7:30. We open the area to concert-goers at 6pm.

Kaskade at the Provo Rooftop Concert

I’m the sort of person that likes as much information as I can get. Where can I go for even more information about the Rooftop Concerts?
You’re fun. I can tell. For more info, you’ll want to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

An outdoor concert, huh. What happens if it rains?
Yes, rain. We've faced that scenario before. Us against the rain. We won. In most cases, the show can go on. (We've never cancelled a show). Updates for such a situation will be on our blog and Twitter.

I wish John Denver were still alive.
Um, we all do, but that’s not a question. This is a question page.

Can kids come?
Anyone can come. We suggest that before you come to the concerts, you listen to the particular artists that are playing to determine if it’s something your kids would like. Some concerts will be more suited for kids than others and we have a very packed crowd at every show. Old people can come, too, but not the cranky ones that are always trying to tell you about how loud the music is and how much their last surgery cost and how come we don’t have anyone from Hee-Haw playing.

Fictionist, Rooftop Concert

Who designs your amazing posters?
So glad you like them.
2017 - Matisse Hales
2016 - Travis Bone
2015 - Steve Vistaunet
2014 - David Lesue
2010 - 2013 Matt Mildenstein

Can I help?
You better believe it. If you’d like to volunteer, you can fill out this form. If you’re a downtown business and would like to become a sponsor, we’d love to include you. Contact C. Jane Kendrick. 

Who are you people?
We are a group of people that care about making Provo a great place to live and spend our time. Our group is made up of a small committee (Sarah Wiley, C. Jane Kendrick, Justin Hackworth, Nate Drashil) and a handful of enthusiastic volunteers.

Is there anywhere online, say for example, YouTube, where I can see you interviewed by a guy with long hair but during the interview his hair is tied up in a bandana?
Wow. That’s specific. And as a matter of fact, there is an interview that’s just as you describe. I'll include it here, for your convenience.