Past Season Lineups

2010 Season

Designer: Matt Mildenstein

March 11: Provo’s Center Focus, Cultural Identity Subcommittee meeting

August 2: Mindy Gledhill Anchor CD Release Concert, Thrillionaires

September 10: Benton Paul, Nik Day

October 1: The Lower Lights, Libbie Linton

2011 Season

designer: Matt Mildenstein

May 6: Fictionist, Paul Jacobsen & the Madison Arm, Emily Brown

June 3: Meaghan Smith, Mindy Gledhill, Ryan Innes

July 1: Abbey Road Show, Sarah Sample

August 5: Joshua James, Sayde Price, The Mollies

September 2: Imagine Dragons, Vibrant Sound, The Neighbors

October 7: The Lower Lights, Dustin Christensen

2012 Season

designer: Matt Mildenstein

May 4: Peter Breinholt, Ryan Innes, Faith Johnson

June 1: Desert Noises, The Moth & The Flame, Timmy The Teeth

July 6: Heartbreakers & American Girls: The Songs of Tom Petty

August 3: Isaac Russell, Book on Tape Worm, John Allred

September 7: Fictionist, New Electric Sound, Jenn Blosil

October 5: The Lower Lights, Folka Dots, Seafinch

2013 Season

designer: Matt Mildenstein

May 3: Desert Noises, The Blue Aces, Caleb Darger

June 7: Joshua James, Polytype, Jay William Henderson

July 5: Get Off My Cloud: The Songs of the Rolling Stones

August 2: Mindy Gledhill, Mideau, Scott Shepard

September 6: Ryan Innes, The New Electric Sound, Amy Whitcomb

October 4: The Lower Lights, Parlor Hawk, The National Parks

2014 Season

designer: Stately Type

May 2: Desert Noises, The National Parks, Strange Family

June 6: We Are The Strike, Van Lady Love, Cory Mon

July 4: Summertime Blues: The Songs of Woodstock, Bat Manors

August 1: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, House of Lewis, Mimi Knowles

September 5: The Moth & The Flame, The Brocks, Coral Bones

October 3: Neon Trees, Fictionist, The Blue Aces (5-year anniversary)

2015 Season

designer: Steve Vistaunet

June 5: Joshua James, Sego, Quiet House

July 3: The Moth & The Flame, Static Waves, Baby Ghosts

August 7: We All Shine On: The Songs of John Lennon, Westward The Tide

September 4: Kaskade, The Brocks, Two Nations

2016 Season

designer: Furturtle Show Prints

May 6: The Str!ke, The Aces, Mimi Knowles

June 3: Let’s Dance: The Songs of David Bowie, The LoveStrange

July 1: The National Parks, RKDN, Hive Riot

August 5: The Aquabats!, My Man Friday, Mad Max and the Wild Ones

September 2: The Lower Lights, Salt lake City Mass Choir

2017 Season

designer: Matisse Hales

May 5: The Aces, Foreign Figures, Festive People

June 2: Joshua James, Brumby, MMEND

July 7: Sego, Grey Glass, Pinguin Mofex

August 4: Fictionist, Book on Tape Worm, Mia Grace

September 1: Songbirds & Landslides: The Songs of Fleetwood Mac, Pipes

2018 Season

designer: Alex Vaughn

July 6: The National Parks, Brother., The Solarists

August 3: Noble Bodies, Pinguin Mofex, Lantern By Sea

September 7: A 1994 Mixtape, Mindy Gledhill

2019 Season — 10-year anniversary!!!

designer: Type Affiliated

June 7: The National Parks, Mindy Gledhill, Robert Loud

July 7: TBA

August 2: TBA

September 6: TBA