How the Rooftop Concert Series began


You're probably thinking that you know everything there is to know about the Rooftop Concert Series. You're saying to yourself, it started in 1986 and was on for 9 seasons and starred Andy Griffith.'re thinking of the TV show Matlock.





The Rooftop Concert Series began in 2010 when four Provo residents (Sarah Wiley, C. Jane Kendrick, Mindy Gledhill, and Justin Hackworth) met together to discuss ways they could get more people to come downtown and enjoy what this beautiful city has to offer. One obvious starting point was the music that was being made, played, and performed in Provo. How about concerts on the roof, someone said, and the Rooftop Concert Series was born. And people have been having a great time, ever since. In fact, the shows became so popular, we ran out of room on the roof, and now they take place on the street. (We're keeping the name, though).

And this year, 2019, our 10th anniversary, is likely to be our best year yet.

We hope to see you at the shows.

To learn more about Matlock, visit this page on Wikipedia. To learn more about the Rooftop Concert Series, just keep noodling around on this site. 


These concerts bring together everything I love about Provo - great music, breathtaking views, friends & families all having a great time together
— Sarah Wiley