2015 Concerts are in the works

Hey there, party-person, concert-goer, music-lover.

It's 2015, the snow has melted (there was snow, here, once?) and it's time to start talking Rooftop Concerts. You can rest assure that the Rooftop Committee is making plans for another great year of Rooftop Concerts. Our first concert, June 5, 2015, will be announced on May 4 at noon.

Here are a couple things you will want to know about, however. 

First, in previous years, we've had six concerts. This year, we'll have four concerts. Still on the first Friday of every month, but without the May and October Concerts. The concerts this year will be on:
June 5
July 3
August 7
September 4

The second thing to note is that we have a location change. Instead of on the roof, where we outgrew, we'll be on the street. The location is just a stones throw from our previous rooftop location. The address is Center Street and 100 West.  

So there you go. New location, four shows. 

Thanks for you interest, and we hope to see you at the concerts!

Courtney - Sarah - Justin

Justin HackworthComment